what’s up! I’m Grey_hart. I currently live in Denver Colorado, but was hanging out in Cali for a few years after I first left Louisville.
I went to Musician’s institute in Los Angeles, which happens to be the same school Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anderson Paak, and many more big names happened to attend as well! I was the frontman in a band called “People like Us.”, and we wrote some great tunes, but at the time our schedules all conflicted too hard to continue with the project.
Although I went to California to pursue music, I found myself trimming for a dispensary that ended up being a bunch of guerrilla farmers with a plot in central NorCAL, post graduation. One of my band mates, Donnie, wound up coming with me to work on their farm where we got screwed out of a few months worth of labor.
After coming back down from the north, and regaining footing from the summer at the farm, I quickly fell into a job as a cannabis extractor. A few months of working for a company by the name of Jade-House, led me to pursue starting a company to potentially partner with them, but for them it wasn’t in the cards. So I went the solo route with my business, “Chef Slabalicious”, for about 1/2 a year, before partnering with one of the former owners of Jade-house and we started “Buddha Boyz”.
Buddha Boyz won several awards for our extracts in the few years we were operating. When the med market picked up with recreational as well, it all came tumbling down. California worked hard to push out the craft mom and pop cannabis companies, for more industrial and well financially backed companies. A lot of companies had to close their doors, so I felt my time in California was coming to a close.
Colorado has been amazing for the last 4 years! Can’t get enough of the mountains and hitting them when the powder is fresh! I work as a delivery driver for an amazing dispensary, Good Chemistry, so I’m right back in my element of of droppin them bags, except now I get health benefits while I do it. 😂
Outside of work I’m usually making music, playing apex, making art, or on discord in a few different crypto groups. Mad Meerkat, Degen Brain Finance, CRO ARMY and World of Cats have been my main squeezes on CRONOS, and I’m actually the Denver representative for Mad Meerkat! Definitely excited to start setting some fun community activities up!

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