Our Story

Seeking Creative Justice.

Throughout the years of building media platforms at KKBOX Group, we realized that while talent is equally distributed among creators, opportunity is not.

There are simply too many middlemen and barriers preventing creators from uncovering the true economic value of their creativity.

This led us to become curious about blockchain technology and the advantages of peer-to-peer value exchange without intermediaries.

We believe in the existence of a new creative platform where everyone has an equal chance.

Inspired by this, we set out to simplify complicated technology, making it beneficial to everyone and their creativity. This led to the birth of OURSONG.

Our Mission

Uncover the value of everyone’s creativity by making it universally accessible and tradable.

To most people, blockchain is hard to comprehend and difficult to use. We understand that.

OURSONG simplifies blockchain technology and offers users the fastest, easiest, and most benefit-boosted new way to monetize their digital creativity.

The creation and marketing of NFTs historically requires a multitude of steps that makes the process daunting to people not well versed in the space.

With OURSONG, this has all been streamlined for new users, requiring only a couple simple and intuitive steps. OURSONG is a social platform for creators to quickly and easily generate NFTs and build a community around them.

We hope to encourage both established and aspiring creators of all kinds to start uncovering the full economic potential of their creative works.

Co-Founding Partners