OURSONG Creator Starter Pack

Hey, fellow creators!

Turning your digital content to an NFT shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes. Whether you’re looking to turn your creations into collectibles, to generate more revenue, or to connect with your fans in a new and meaningful way, we’re here for you!

OURSONG is committed to creating a simple NFT creation and trading platform for creators, and to be the strongest ally for creators in the realm of NFTs.

If this NFT thing has got you intrigued, and you can't wait to introduce your work into this brand new world of digital collectibles, we’re your guy.

Let us know about you and your interesting projects through the form below!


💥 Program Duration: Now ~ 2021/12/31

💥 Qualifications: Original creations in any form (for e.g., music, graphic design, motion pictures, text...). We also look forward to promoting collaboration between creators with different specialties.


💥 The OURSONG Creator Starter Pack program will grant the following perks to successful applicants.

Marketing Resources from Official channels

You will have the opportunity to have your NFT on OURSONG promoted on our official channels, including but not limited to:

Communities: FB / IG / TG / Twitter

In App: Top section / Zone / Newsletter / Official Collector's CLUB

NFT Creation Fund 

We support your creation and provide 10 USD as your creation fund

OURSONG Creators' Community

This is an exclusive community for creators on OURSONG where you can find partners.

OURSONG Creator Toolkit

NFT Creation Tools

Experience the full functionality of creating your own NFT in 3 minutes

Choose different Token Standards to make your NFTs

Create your own collector's CLUB to interact and chat directly with the collectors of your work

Provide collector exclusive audio and video content through your NFT creations

Nomination Rights

The right to nominate 10 other creators, and grant them access to the OURSONG Creator Toolkit


#The OURSONG team will contact chosen creators by mail.