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“情緒化朋克”是一套限定的 10,000 件收藏品,由 MetaPsych 心理健康診所。每款只有一枚。(Instagram@metapsychclinic) 的心理健康專家策劃,旨在提高人們對心理情緒的認識。
“Emotional Punks" is a fixed set of 10,000 collectibles, curated by mental health professionals at MetaPsych Mental Health Clinic for psychoeducation and promoting awareness of mental health. One edition per punk only.

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1001-2000 : 2OSD
2001-3000 : 3OSD
3001-4000 : 4OSD
4001-5000 : 5OSD
So forth and so on……

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