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Voices x Music Video x Rap Season Album

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Voices - Music Video 🔥🔥🔥

Appearing on the hit album “Rap Season”, Voices is a top hit from this project. Streaming over 1million worldwide, this song becoming an NFT is a great investment as Lyric Notes has many more hit songs from this album which can be found here:

Have you heard this yet? "Voices" by yours truly 🙌 -

UnitedMasters Official Artist Page:

Vocals - Lyric Notes
Production - Lyric Notes
Engineering - Lyric Notes
Mixing/Mastering - Lyric Notes
Written by: Lyric Notes
Video Creative Production: NFTCREATIONS

All music has been copyrighted and reserved to Anutha Realm Productions LLC, Some proprietor being Lyric Notes; which is myself and all documentation is in possession of NFTCREATIONS

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