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Barely Hungry #2 BC0002

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一般卡 / 餓不著#2 / 級別 🐻🐻


認領這個狀態卡之後會更新這隻熊熊的後續情況歐ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

🐻什麼是Barely Card?
你有吃飽很滿足或睡不好、股票都沒漲的時候嗎?每一張卡片可以代表你的狀態,以及你的心情。用可愛的方式紀錄你的日常,Barely Card 就是最佳的工具。來認領你獨一無二的狀態吧!

🐻Barely Card上是什麼熊?

Bearly Card 目前分為「一般卡」、「特殊卡」、「公仔卡」,一般卡的數量為每份60張;特殊卡的數量為每份20張;公仔卡的數量為每份40張,蒐集完全系列6張的公仔卡即可獲得作者額外的獨家禮物卡!未來推出的「限量卡」則是全世界唯一的卡片。

Barely Card (General) / Barely Hungry#2 / Level 🐻🐻

"I've put up the white flag, because I couldn't take another sip even if I wanted."

After buying this card, we will update the bear’s future status.ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

🐻What is Barely Card?
Do you have a good or bad mood when you eat delicious food or can't sleep well, and the stocks haven't risen? Each card can represent your state and your mood. To record your daily life in a lovely way, Barely Card is the best tool. Come to claim your unique status!

🐻What the bear is on the Barely Card?
The prototype of the model is the Spectacled Bear, which is the protagonist of this series! There will be more partners appearing in the future, and they will soon be released in the "Figure Card" series.

🐻Limited amount of Barely Cards?
The current types of Bearly Cards include "general cards", "special cards", and "Figure cards". The copy number of general cards is 60; the copy number of special cards is 20; the copy number of figure cards is 40. Collect a complete series of six "Figure Cards" to get the author's extra exclusive gift card! The "Limited Card" to be launched in the future is the only card in the world.

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