HAWKING - Ripple#2

Pochang Wu

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Pochang Wu

HAWKING - Ripple#2

Pochang Wu


"I think computer viruses should count as life ... I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image."
— Stephen Hawking

每個新生的哭啼 Every crying of the newborn
和塌陷的泡影 And every bubble of the collapse 
不過是宇宙之中 were just ripples
微弱的漣漪 in spacetime

宇宙的漣漪 Ripples of the Universe
HAWKING - Ripple#2

Ripples of the Universe is an audiovisual project by Pochang Wu and Lien-cheng Wang. The work features 14 figures across multiple fields who greatly influenced the world, while each echoes a piece of corresponding lyrics of Pochang’s song “As Expected.” Lien-cheng created the program to make this generative artwork. As the music starts, the program is triggered by the audio signal, causing a series of lines and symbols to emerge from the screen, unfolding 14 engrossing animated portraits as the melody plays.

Music - Pochang Wu

Pochang Wu is a Taiwanese musician, entrepreneur and the main vocalist and songwriter of the rock band ECHO which is one of Taiwan’s most influential bands in the 2000s. His debut solo album, 42, was released in 2020. It is an alternative rock album which explores the relationship between technology, politics and human nature. He founded Taiwan’s largest indie music store iNDIEVOX in 2008 and has been a prominent music technologist and advocate for over a decade. He joined the KKBOX Group in 2016 and has led new ventures focused on building OURSONG, the world’s first music NFT marketplace.

Programming - Lien-cheng Wang

Lien-Cheng Wang is a new media artist, open source education collaborator and audiovisual performer, residing in Taipei, Taiwan. His artistic and research involve with interactive devices and real-time sound performance. He uses open source to create installation art and audio-visual real-time performance. The works are committed to seamless combination of images and sounds created by computer algorithm as well as human perception with the universe and nature. He often utilizes a volume of installed approach to achieve a unique physical perception. Now he is currently appointed as lecturer in the new media department of Taipei National University of the Arts. His works have been exhibited and performed at Linz Ars Electronica (Austria), New Technological Art Award (Belgium), Les Journées GRAME (France), MADATAC (Spain), Digital Art Festival Taipei (Taiwan), Taipei Art Award, etc.


我們選擇了 14 個與歌曲呼應的人物,橫跨多個領域,利用王連晟的演算法透過音樂繪製出這 14 幅動態肖像,每段歌詞對應一個人物,最後集合成一支完整的數位藝術影像。

Music - 吳柏蒼 Pochang Wu
回聲樂團 ECHO 主唱兼吉他⼿,曾⼊圍⾦曲獎最佳樂團,並於國內外各⼤⾳樂祭演出。⾳樂之外,⻑期投身數位平台,是臺灣第⼀個線上⾳樂商店 iNDIEVOX 創辦⼈,現為 OURSONG、theFARM 共同創辦⼈。⾸張個⼈專輯《42》主軸圍繞科技、政治與⼈性,寫出對科技的信仰與懷疑、 對⽂明的嚮往與幻滅。

Programming - 王連晟 Lien-Cheng Wang


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