Deep Dreams

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$5.00 OSD

Purchase this beat and let your imagination run free.
Remix it or turn it into your next song.
Who knows what might be in store.

By purchasing this beat:

- You are allowed to remix or make a derivative work.
- You can upload your work and sell it here on OurSong using the Upload Remix button on this NFT.
- 15% of all proceeds with go back to the original creator.
- You can also use this beat and your work for personal and non commercial purposes.

Coming soon:

- Distribution to all major DSPs
- Royalty collection

Beats with the most shouts are highlighted each week and you stand a chance to win cool prizes.

Get creative!

When I sell you this track, you will have the freedom to modify, adapt, use, and even sell your own remixes commercially! However, there are certain terms and conditions that you must follow, but you can earn money from your creative work. If you create a remix of this track, it is important that you give me credit as the original creator. As the remixer, you will also need to give me a percentage of the rights to the remix, and the music composition rights will be split equally between us.


- Permission to remix or create a derivative work (Remix) based on the original beat.
- Authorization to use and distribute your Remix for commercial purposes.
- Ability to upload and sell your Remix on OurSong through the 'Upload Remix' feature.


- You commit to properly attributing the original work when using the beat.
- You agree to divide revenue generated from the Remix based on the original creator's pre-established percentage split for master recording rights.
- You understand that the musical composition rights for the Remix will be shared equally, with both the original creators and the remixer each receiving 50% of the revenue generated



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