Pochang Wu

Coin Flipping

8 on sale of 42

$10.00 OSD

Head or ₿?

This is not just a coin. It’s one of the puzzles. The game will start on 2021/7/21.

*A gift for collectors. NOT FOR SALE. Check if there’s anyone putting it on the market.

Music/3D Animation/Video Production by Pochang Wu

Bitcoin 3D model by Karolina Renkiewicz
Quarter 3D model by Lawrence Pompey
Motion Backgrounds by: AAvfx



Created by

Pochang Wu

1 from Yan

for $10 OSD

1 from rockstyle

for $12 OSD

1 from Alec HSU

for $20 OSD

1 from 吳家瑋

for $35 OSD

1 from AT168

for $68 OSD

1 from 風信子

for $101 OSD

1 from silenus88

for $999 OSD

1 from DC

for $999 OSD

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