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The First Girl / 最初的少女

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《The First Girl / 最初的少女》

誰都不知道原因,不是病毒、細菌、基因變異、或是任何形式的傳染病,只能追溯到地球上最初發生「人體像素化」(Pixelated Human Body)的人類,是一名普通少女。




No one knows the reason. It is not a virus, bacteria, genetic mutation, or any form of infectious disease. It can only be traced back to the human being who first "pixelated the human body" on Earth, who was an ordinary girl.

Witnesses said that the girl’s pixelated transformation was only momentary. A few seconds after the pixelation, the wind turbine in the distance also seemed to have a certain sense of discomfort, and the transformation also happened with the girl, but then it returned to normal.

After a few more seconds, the girl's body seemed to "disintegrate" because it couldn't bear the sudden upheaval. The pixelated body produces several blue-blue cracks, which dissociate and disappear into the air. During the whole disintegration process, she didn't seem to feel the pain, but looked at the witness with an expression that could not be described.

From the beginning to the end, only tens of seconds, the existence of the girl disappeared into the world quietly.

Voice: Pai Yang
Photo: Pai Yang

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