YAJISHI’s teeth

#9 Sep. Lower canine

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九月 秋分|花蟹|桂花|彤 Lower canine


*凡是持有任何「牙釉質上的季節更迭」系列NFT,即可免費獲得一個展覽限定音樂x動畫NFT「Seasonal changes on enamel」。




"YAJISHI's Teeth" Online Exhibition "Seasonal Change on Enamel" Series NFT#9

I tried to show my feelings about different teeth in the form of illustrations. The teeth are divided into twelve months, each representing a different solar term, corresponding to the animals and plants of the month and its symbolic color, giving each tooth its own life, so that the teeth are no longer just teeth. It is a deep connection with nature.

*Anyone who holds any "Seasonal changes on enamel" series NFT can get a music x animation NFT "Seasonal changes on enamel" for free.

*Collect all the "Seasonal Changes on Enamel" series NFTs, #1~#12, and you can get a free physical "Seasonal Changes on Enamel" series postcard set.

The number is limited. Please send me IG/FB to receive it.

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