OurSong’s Pick #15 — O口O! 。Why is there no △ here!

OurSong’s Pick

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OurSong’s Pick

OurSong’s Pick #15 — O口O! 。Why is there no △ here!

OurSong’s Pick


Titel: O口O! 。Why is there no △ here!?
Creator: ZptO_O
Link: https://www.oursong.com/vibe/armvqmxw
A tribute to an era.

"This is a time of abundant information and lack of attention, so white space is particularly important." #WhiteResearch

In fact, I struggled to shelve the work, but this is my observation, I hope to leave a trace, in the pursuit of visual stimulation style multi-selective era, simple symbols to convey the emotional message is the past? 🤔

Through the process of experimenting with 「Show colors」 , 「eye intensity」 「Well-behaved Circle 」「Misbehaving Circle 」and「 White Research」, the fascination of NFT makes me strongly sleep deprived, the amount of information is really too much, so the development of this series of background unique NFT emoji.

“The eyes are the window to the soul”

The emoji images produced directly on the keyboard, the original convey the emotional messages carried by the images, and these are unique to each user's emotional expression NFT.
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Created on 2021/11/25 05:06:17 UTC

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