“A Christmas Without You” Cover Art Challenge

jurelma Graça

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jurelma Graça

“A Christmas Without You” Cover Art Challenge

jurelma Graça


“A Christmas Without You” is my latest single set to be released this year, and I’m looking for the best visual artists in the game to design my new cover. When you purchase this early access NFT, you officially enter into the running to submit your best cover art work. The winner will be decided by Dec. 9th and will be fully credited on all socials for their work. Feel free to design anything you feel fits the vibe of the song! Zero creative limits. I can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

STEP 1. Get the “Christmas Without You” (Design Access) NFT for free with redeem code.
Redeem code is available in OurSong Discord or Jurelma Gracia's social channels.

STEP 2. Create creative interpretation of the song. You can design any form of cover art!

STEP 3. Upload your creation on OurSong with hashtag #XmasWithoutYou

STEP 4. Share your masterpiece with OurSong Discord community and tag us on Instagram!
Share your work here in this Discord channel: ╭🎛・join-remix-campaigns
Tag the artist and us!
Jurelma Gracia's Instagram: @jurelma_graca
OurSong's Official Instagram: @oursong_official

STEP 5. Wait for the wins!


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