Zone of master#013

Eric Rental

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Eric Rental

Zone of master#013

Eric Rental


With a gorgeous appearance and a good-natured Liuji, the seaweed rice balls of bone rice are quickly popular with everyone. People who come to buy cheap and delicious seaweed rice balls every day are incessantly translated, and Liuji even made them. The most delicious cloth in the country hangs under the tree. On this day, there was a commotion in the queue. Several people with knives were driving away the crowd. Liuji was about to go forward and make a theory, and a man raised by eight people appeared behind him. A sedan chair, sitting on top of a person who looked very noble, the sedan chair stopped in front of Gumi, and the person on the sedan chair said, "I heard that you are the number one rice ball in the country, I want to eat one and see, if If you don't have the best food in the country, I'm going to cut off your head, oh ho ho ho ho.”


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