Elena's secret anti-drone weapon

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Elena's secret anti-drone weapon

Elena says she was sitting on her balcony, when she saw something float by in the distance. She wondered if it is a crow, before noticing a faint buzzing sound. Elena had never seen a drone before.

Sensing something sinister was afoot, the mother of two ran into the house and grabbed the first thing she saw: a big jar of canned tomatoes. And she threw that jar at the drone with all her might.The jar hit the target and the drone came crashing down.

"I was afraid. I thought it may start firing at me. But what a pity for those tomatoes… they were my favorite!"


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Jar of Canned Tomatoes

本作品 TKW 自己不販售,而是搭配 Elena's secret anti-drone weapon 買家贈送,只要單次購買 1-3 張 Elena's anti-drone weapon ,就送一張 Jar of Canned Tomatoes,購買 4-6 張送 2 張,以此類推。本作品可販售!

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"Jar of Canned Tomatoes" is not on sale by TKW. If you buy "Elena's secret anti-drone weapon " 1 to 3 copies once, TKW will airdrop a "Jar of Canned Tomatoes" to you, and 4 to 6 copies you will get 2 copies of "Jar of Canned Tomatoes", and so on. You can still trade them!


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