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Funck's Riff feat. ZptO_O - Golden Shield 金鐘罩鐵布衫-S

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Version S ʘ‿ʘ ▼ω▼ (∩_∩)

This NFT was created by ZptO_O and Funck with:
- ZptO_O’s emoji artworks
- Funck’s riff and fingers
- Signatures of ZptO_O and Funck

“ʘ‿ʘ ▼ω▼ (∩_∩)” comes from ZptO_O’s collection of emoji artworks. ZptO_O believes that people engage a specific person with a unique emotion while looking at every emoji on the internet. Creating this collection, ZptO_O shows his appreciation of these emojis which achieve engagement in this world. One NFT of this collection used to be selected as “OurSong’s Pick #15” by OurSong official. ( )

“Golden Shield 金鐘罩鐵布衫” is a riff written by Funck. This riff was used in Funck’s song(lyrics & music by Funck), “Golden Shield, Iron Cloth 金鐘罩鐵布衫”, performed by S.H.E which is a Mandopop girl group and published by HIM International Music (Taiwan) on November 12, 2004.

Riff Title: Golden Shield 金鐘罩鐵布衫
Tempo: 106 bpm
Time Signature: 4/4

ZptO_O is a behavioral artist , architectural designer, and interior designer. (IG: )

Funck is a Taiwanese songwriter.

Golden Shield, Iron Cloth 金鐘罩鐵布衫


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Funck Chen
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