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Become a lunatic before you succeed!

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Have you ever been called a lunatic by others?⠀

The inspiration for this painting comes from the motto "When others start saying that you are a lunatic, you are not far from victory"! ⠀

When you are determined to succeed or be different from others, you must do something very different from others first⠀

What do you mean?⠀
For example~ If you want to be a good drawing person, then you can practice drawing crazy every day to accumulate experience points; if you want to be a very eloquent person, then you can practice crazy every day Talking, observing how eloquent people speak ⠀

When you make these crazy behaviors to make yourself better, and others think you are like a madman, it means that you are not far from victory! ⠀

Because others think you are crazy, it means that you are doing something very different from most people. Usually when humans see someone different from themselves, they will think that the other person is crazy??⠀⠀
It seems that I think in my heart that ordinary people will practice drawing and practice speaking every day when there is nothing wrong with them?⠀

But on the other hand, when everyone else is playing waste and you are trying to make yourself better, who will achieve greater success in the future? I believe the answer is already very obvious! ⠀

So if you have been said to be a madman, congratulations, you are not far from victory! ⠀

[About the short story behind this creation]

Mang Xian, in the first half of 2021, I have always been in a state of confusion about the future, because I don’t know what I want in my heart, but in fact, I have a dream deep in my heart that I am very eager to realize, that is to become an illustrator!

Some of it can also be said to be affected by the social framework, which makes me slow to pursue it courageously. Later, I learned about myself in various ways, and I decided to create crazy creations. Even if I was said to be a madman, I was not afraid, because I knew this was the only way to success.












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