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Hoodlum Toons x Metapsych Mental Health Clinic

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Hoodlum Toons meets Metapsych Mental Health Clinic Punks

Nftcreations: Hoodlum Toons have partnered up with the wonderful folks at the Metapsych Mental Health Clinic’s: Emotional Punks to bring you a very exclusive NFT that can only be found on OurSong. This project has been in the works for a while and we are very proud to bring you such an authentic Collectors item.

Combined with the Metaphysic Mental Health Clinic, we will help bring awareness to Mental Health as it is very important to self care.

Buy purchasing this NFT you are showing support for both companies as we will continue to provide quality art for the public.

Hoodlum Toons 遇見 Metapsych 心理健康診所朋克 Nftcreations:Hoodlum Toons 與 Metapsych 心理健康診所的優秀人員合作:Emotional Punks 為您帶來了只能在 OurSong 上找到的非常獨特的 NFT。這個項目已經進行了一段時間,我們很自豪能為您帶來如此正宗的收藏品。 結合形而上學心理健康診所,我們將幫助提高人們對心理健康的認識,因為這對自我保健非常重要。 購買此 NFT 即表示您對兩家公司的支持,因為我們將繼續為公眾提供優質藝術品。

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