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Buy this NFT to participate in the remix event co-hosted by ZombieClub and Oursong, reinterpret "Free Your Brain"* in your own way, and have a chance to win ZombieClub NFT, OSD, and other merchandise!

*You will get a link to the remix audio file after purchasing the NFT.

Step 1: Get a “Free Your Brain (Remix Access)" NFT
Step 2: Download the remix material in the description of "Free Your Brain (Remix Access)" NFT.
Step 3: Create your “Free Your Brain” remix.
Step 4: Click "Upload Remix" to mint your remix NFT.
Step 5: Post the remix NFT link on the ZombieClub Discord server.

▎Event time 👉2022/12/20 – 2023/1/10
▎Event Information 👉

ZombieClub Discord: