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#世界風情畫「日本十大夢幻神社-茨城縣大洗磯前神社岩上鳥居」採用現代藝術油彩畫作,限量發行 76個vibe。

Painting theme: Japan's top ten fantasy shrines - Ibaraki Prefecture Oaraiso Shrine Iwagami Torii
There is a "torii gate" at the entrance of Japanese shrines. This architectural form refers to the barrier that separates the world of gods from the world of people, that is, the "gate" to enter the realm of gods. The torii gate has a certain form. The top bar is called "Kasaki", the one immediately below is "shima wood", and the second row is called "Kuan". There are two pillars on the left and right, and there is usually one in the middle called "Kan". A plaque is placed on the place where the "front bundle" is placed, and the name of the shrine is inscribed on it.
Iwagami Torii Gate, Oaraisoe Shrine, Ibaraki Prefecture
"Oarai Isomae Shrine Iwagami Torii" is located in Oarai Town, east of Ibaraki Prefecture, and has always been famous for its water parks and beaches.
Built in AD 856, the Ozai Isosa Shrine has a history of more than a thousand years. The main deities worshiped are "Daji Guiming" and "Shaoyan Mingming", who bless the safety of the whole family and the prosperity of business. It is famous for the sunrise here. The rising sun will dye the whole sky purple, creating a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

#World style painting "Japan's top ten fantasy shrines - Ibaraki Prefecture Oaraiso Shrine Iwagami Torii" uses modern art oil paintings, limited edition 76 vibe.



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