NF 奇異鳥 「突變型」vibe*10(買1送1活動)


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NF 奇異鳥 「突變型」vibe*10(買1送1活動)



NF奇異鳥又稱之為「不可替代鳥」(Non-Fungible bird)及「新發現鳥」(newfound bird ),體型及毛色會隨心情而改變,沒有固定的形態,啼叫聲「汪、汪」因此又暱稱為「汪汪鳥」。屬於哺乳類一胎生不會下蛋,在自然界屬無翼鳥科,和紐西蘭的特有種kiwi沒有任何關係,因爲沒有翅膀,所以不能飛只會跳著走路。個性愛吃以及貪睡,天天打呼從不間斷。因為是新發現的鳥類,特殊的習性仍需持續觀察之中。

#NF 奇異鳥「突變型」vibe因為已經歷了前三代的學習,所以型體上又有突破性的變化,除了有長長嘴巴,毛色上加入了更加稀奇的元素,呈現出非同凡響的顏色。如同前三代具有不可替代性,所以一種顏色只製造1個。

#購買NF 奇異鳥「突變型」vibe,會贈送NF 奇異鳥「突變甲型」vibe,同樣一種顏色也是只製造1個,具有相當好的收藏價值。

NF kiwi is also called "Non-Fungible bird" and "newfound bird". The body size and coat color will change with the mood. There is no fixed form. Therefore, it is also nicknamed "Wang Wang Bird". It belongs to mammals and does not lay eggs. It belongs to the wingless bird family in nature. It has nothing to do with the endemic species kiwi in New Zealand. Because it has no wings, it cannot fly and can only walk by jumping. Personality loves to eat and snooze, and snores every day without interruption. Because it is a newly discovered bird, the special habits still need to be observed continuously.

#NF The kiwi "mutant type" vibe has undergone the first three generations of learning, so there are breakthrough changes in the body shape. In addition to the long mouth, more exotic elements have been added to the coat color, showing an extraordinary appearance. colour. As the first three generations are irreplaceable, only one color is made.

#Buy the NF Kiwi "Mutant Type" vibe, and you will receive the NF Kiwi "Mutant Type A" vibe as a gift. Only 1 of the same color is produced, which has a very good collection value.


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