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No Brainer-Zero



Cambridge Dictionary
explain no-brainer:
something such as a decision that is
very easy or obvious.

Obviously, I am not using it right.
Cause I am one of the guys who got no brain:)

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"Ding~ding ding! Ding~ding ding! "

Zero: "The alarm clock is so noisy, now... what time is it...? "

Zero: "Oops... it's eight o'clock! ! Mom~! Why didn't you wake me up? ! I have a very important exam in the morning! "

I am Zero and I am seven years old. I am studying in a bilingual elementary school in Taipei. English is very important to our school. So every Friday morning we will have an English exam to test whether we are studying well.

The last time my English grades were really bad... I didn’t want to be ashamed anymore. I decided to study hard every day until late at night. Sometimes when I was tired, I would pinch my face and poke my thigh with a pencil. It was very effective at first, but ...

Don’t you see? I’m late this morning!!!

"Huh...huh, huh, huh!"

Zero: "Phew! I finally arrived... Ms.Lin , please let me take the exam!"

Teacher: "Come and write, there will be no time."

Zero: "Oops... ten minutes left."

a...p...l...e apple, b...a...n..n...a banana, huh? strange? How weird... Apple is missing a p or not at all? Shouldn't bananas be missing n?

Teacher: "Ok, the time is up, let's exchange it then mark."

Zero: "Ms.Lin! Wait... I'm almost done!"

Teacher: "Come on, stop writing."

(Ten minutes passed)

Teacher: "Ok then~ Everyone stands up and reports your score to me one by one."

Other students: " 90! 85! 95! 100! 96! 88!"

Zero: "0...."

Teacher: What did you say? say it again! louder, please!

Zero: "0! !"

Teacher: "What 0? Do you think getting 0 is glorious? Dare to speak so loudly, did you bring your brain to school?!"

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'♡'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Made by @theodorepun
Story provided by @HanaLin


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Created on 2021/10/29 12:58:13 UTC

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