No Brainer-That mom


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No Brainer-That mom



Cambridge Dictionary
explain no-brainer:
something such as a decision that is
very easy or obvious.

Obviously, I am not using it right.
Cause I am one of the guys who got no brain:)


"Bang! Bang!"

Baby: "Waah~Waah~Waah~Waah~"

Mom: "Good boy... don't cry ... Mama's here~"

How could my baby hit the table, and then the toys on the table fell directly and hit her... Oh, right, I forgot that the toy I put on the table were supposed to be put away, ahh... My memory is getting worse.

There are so many things to do today, washing clothes, cleaning, cooking...Oh! It's time to make baby formula for her lunch.

Let me see... 120cc of water, will five spoons of baby formula be too condensed? What is the water temperature...90 degrees?

Baby: "Waah~Waah~Waah~Waah~"
Ah, forget it, the baby is hungry, so let’s do this...

Baby: "Waah~Waah~Waah~Waah~"
Mom: "What's wrong? Oh! Why is your mouth swollen like this...what should I do?!"
It is said on the Internet that applying ice cubes can reduce swelling...
All right then...

Baby: "Waah~Waah~Waah~Waah~"
Mom: "What's wrong? Why are you crying so hard?"
Hmm...maybe the burn has become serious, huh? No, it seems a little better, forget it! It is safer to go to the hospital.

(Arrived at the hospital)
Baby: "Waah~Waah~Waah~Waah~"
Mom: "Be good... don't cry~ It's Uncle Doctor"
Doctor: "She has the stomach flu. Have you ever sterilized baby bottles?"
Mom: "Does it need to be disinfected? I usually just leave it dry after washing...Okay! Then I will remember it next time! Thank you, doctor."

(After a while)
Mom: "It's the time for dinner, oh yeah... the doctor just said to sterilize, is it sterilized with alcohol? Well... forget it! I'll just sterilize with alcohol..."

Baby: "Waah~Waah~Waah~Waah~"
Mom: "What's wrong with you? I'm so tired...Where's your head... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! My baby's head fell? Is it because of my dizziness? How is it separated?"
Oh my God... It turned out that baby hit the table, and the knife on the table fell directly cut my baby's head... Oh, right, I forgot that the knife was on the table and I was going to use it for cutting vegetables, ahh... My memory is getting worse and worse...

Made by @theodorepun
Story provided by @HanaLin


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Created on 2021/10/30 04:24:21 UTC

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