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It turned out that when Liuji was a kitten, he was about to starve to death on the side of the street once, and was found by a passing couple. The rice ball can only survive until now, so Liu Ji always wanted to help others, and Liu Ji said to Gumi: This rice tube of yours is old, please change it! So Gu Mi changed his body to a lacquer bowl. Gu Mi was walking on the road, and everyone who passed by looked at him with admiration. Gu Mi thought to himself: I just changed my appearance, why is everyone's attitude so different? 原來,當留吉還是幼貓的時候,有一次在街邊快餓死了,結果被一個路過的夫妻發現,這對夫妻手上空空如也,但卻拿出一顆飯團送給留吉,留吉因為那顆飯團才能活到現在,所以留吉一直想要幫助別人,留吉對骨米說:你的這個飯筒舊了,換一個吧!於是骨米換了一個漆器碗在身上,骨米走在路上,路過的人都投以羨慕的眼光,骨米心想:我不過換了個外表,怎麼大家的態度就差這麼多呢?

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