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OurSong is a new kind of record store where music fans browse and purchase Song Shares of their favorite songs made by their favorite artists, enhancing the music discovery experience and get rewarded for their support. app-store-download-link google-play-download-link

Own Digital Vinyls.

Imagine if you could take your vinyl collection on the go, and showcase your taste in music for the world to see.

That’s why we designed Song Shares, a digital collectible for songs, albums, and artists' discographies that combines access and ownership to replace the traditional musical album or MP3 with an interactive multi-media product.

Sharing Success.

All Song Shares are issued in limited editions with a public record of ownership, which fans can collect and trade on a secondary market.

As fans with a keen eye work collaboratively to push the music they love to the top of the charts, they are simultaneously rewarded by sharing in the success of their favorite songs.

Get Behind the Scene.

Every song has a story, which allows listeners to engage with the song in another level.

Like an album booklet, artists can share their song’s creative journey, ideas, milestones, accomplishments, and other interesting tidbits in their Story, while fans get to dive into the song making process, behind-the-scenes perspective, and the entire creative progress.

The Best Fans Deserve the Best.

Song Shares are made by artists to connect and share with their fans.

While the song climbs up the ranks, fans can engage with artists and other music lovers with similar interest on a Song Share’s flip side, where artists reward Song Share holders with updates, exclusives, OurCoin, and other special privileges.

Make Music, Make Friends.

The world is better when people work together.

We’ve constructed a digital collaborative workspace for artists to find partners, make connections, manage and protect their rights, share their progress with fans, build and grow their fan base, develop new revenue streams, and more.

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