"Long after the toys of childhood are gone, the gift of music remains."

Music has always been at the heart of DubbulDee's life. Blessed with parents who enrolled him in music education at the young age of 4 years old, it all started with piano lessons. This expanded into learning to play the trumpet, being involved in both school band, as well as choir accompanist, teaching piano to young beginners in his teenage years, university (dropout) education, music studio education, DIY singer/songwriter/producer, DJ, music curator, and the list goes on as his story continues to unfold.

As he continues to mature, as a person and musician, and find himself increasingly willing to step incrementally out of his own shadow, he has also finally felt comfortable exploring his own vocal skills, much to his enjoyment. This has found itself take shape in a growing number of singer-songwriter tracks (check out his Soundcloud profile for a listen), alongside a continued practice of more electronic instrumental tracks.

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