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Honey gold huangfu remix

Fuyan Huang
REMIX I created with rap Dizen CR enjoy production: Huangfu vocal: Dizen CR mixing:Huangfu lyrics Don't challenge my livelihood with your interests Ruining a whole pot of good food, pretending to be rich with a swollen face and fake things abound My appearance makes me realize that it's not too late to change course Your profession is taken seriously, while I treat mine like a game I'm making money to support my music I even held a matchmaking event for music I'm playing with capitalism Even singing off the cuff can make people happy I've sold my conscience Will the dog that bites it belong to me or to someone else? My brothers have swept away the unreasonable troublemakers Representing here, everyone is awesome I laugh at those who claim to be upright and proper, but play tricks I'm a crooked path that has become a force of faith for everyone It doesn't matter which way the market goes, my image is cool enough for the streets You show me clearly what it means to have a lucky break in life They say I'm a self-loathing, face-saving, shameless fraud Back then, everything was changing, but I didn't care It's hard to distinguish in reality, where power conceals honesty Who's the devil and who's the angel? No one cares Blue and white slippers, paired with a gold necklace, holding a high glass in hand The more you spend, the more you earn, high consumption is always right My brother covers me in eyebrow tricks, while my sisters come to do gymnastics The little wildcat is sexy with her legs, her butt sticks out and draws attention Everyone wants to be first The prostitute loves to pretend, but she's always left out in the cold Take a two-day break and put on some makeup The girl's room is filled with cherry blossoms and fireworks So where are my bad bitches?



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