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明孝宗Ming Xiaozong Zhu Youji

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Ming Xiaozong Zhu Youji, or Emperor Hongzhi, was the third son of Emperor Xianzong of the Ming Dynasty. The 10th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, reigned from 1487 to 1505, for a total of 18 years, with the era name Hongzhi. Emperor Xiaozong was "respectful, frugal and systemic, diligent in government and caring for the people", and he was able to trust worthy officials and open up his opinions. During his reign, "the court was in a clear and peaceful order, and the people and things were prosperous." In terms of self-cultivation and Wenzhi Wugong, he was the emperor of the Ming Dynasty who was generally the most appraised by later generations after Emperor Renxuan.


絲巾版畫90cm*90cm開版12張,販售5張(不包含NFT贈送),實體絲巾版畫售價USD. 1000(不送NFT)

NFT+ silk scarf prints, a total of 10 pieces will be made, 5 pieces will be sold, and the first 3 buyers will receive 1 piece of silk scarf.

Silk scarf prints 90cm*90cm open edition 12 pieces, 5 pieces for sale (excluding NFT gifts), physical silk scarves prints are priced at USD. 1000 (do not with NFT)

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