Steve Sperry


OUT SOON! ‘Then and Now and Now is Then’ by Steve Sperry. Biochemical Process Engineer (Steve Smith) by day and Steve Sperry, the producer, by night. Bringing you an electric spectrum of synthetic soundscapes for your listening pleasure. Coming out of the 609 area code, known as South Jersey to most, Steve Sperry is on a journey to push the limits of sound design, while maintaining a tangible subject through his composition. Influenced heavily by house music and electronic music in general, he aims to bring you the same feel of the melodic feels you experienced during the early 2000s to now, even in genres that fall outside of his comfort zone - because life is a journey.

Steve Sperry had experienced writer’s block before running into Philly’s own vidpoet in a coffee shop nearby his apartment in Ardmore. The one and only vidpoet saw merit in teaming up to deliver, 'Art Therapy, Pt. 1' & 'Art Therapy, Pt. 2' with that not being the only project the two have (and will) collaborate on going forward. Being Indie Artists, the success they aim for will come from grass roots and those of you who spread ‘The Wave’ of sounds they create. Join Steve Sperry on ‘The Wave’ and spread his creative vision: Liquid Music.

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